Decorative paints and plaster

Paints and plasters from the decorative line are a coating with its character and an excellent alternative to wallpaper. Different proportions, methods and techniques of applying paint make it possible to get a completely individual drawing, and the depth of shades we achieve due to the composition of paint.

Paints and plasters from the decorative line will make your room elegant, modern and unique. Using decorative plasters and paints in the decoration of the walls, you can emphasize the solidity of the finish, the severity and clarity of the design idea, get a surface of a different texture: smooth as the most delicate silk or luxurious as velvet, with a magnificent flickering nacre effect, imitation antique, fine sand or marble.

Here you can buy decorative paints and plasters from the world's leading brands (Ferrara Paint, Oikos, Tattoo, Blancolor, Candis, Antika Signoria, Coverit, OygocColor, Arreghini, Giolli Industria Colori, Fractalis, Elf decor), of which we took only the best, most popular and practical kinds of finishes, both interior and facade.

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