• (Українська) Ціна м2

    (Українська) Ціна м2

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  • IMG-1466

    Mango clothing store

    Lavina shopping mall. Finishing walls with Spanish material Microcement.

  • 20140118_143005

    Decorative elements

    Stencils from decorative plaster, Lincrusta wallpapers with patenting

  • Imitation of marble

    Imitation of marble

    Different effects of marble: smooth, glossy, rusted, matte.

  • Decorative paints

    Decorative paints

    The effect of decorating the walls under velvet and glossy sand.

  • Frescoes in the interior

    Frescoes in the interior

    Decorative frescoes.

  • Frescoes in the interior

    Frescoes in the interior

    Decorative frescoes.

  • Glossiness


    Stretch ceilings of the canvas glossy. It gives the room a rich look and visually increases the space.



    The APPLY style is a combination of cutouts and a canvas.

  • Catalog


    The catalog of canvases.Here you can pre-get acquainted with the color gamut.

  • Matte and satin

    Matte and satin

    Matte (create the effect of a painted ceiling) and satin (create a tissue effect).

  • Cloth with illumination

    Cloth with illumination

    >Stretch ceilings with hidden illumination. Alternative lighting and savings.

  • Canvas with a photo print

    Canvas with a photo print

    Stretch ceilings with photo printing on canvas. Any image on your ceiling.

  • Fireplaces


    Fireplaces in the interior.

  • Columns


    Columns and pilasters in the interior.

  • Decorative plaster

    Decorative plaster

    Relief decorative plaster with matte and glossy effect.

  • Imitation of the metal

    Imitation of the metal

    Two-component steel material. With the possibility of oxidation (rust).

  • Kiev, apartment

    Kiev, apartment

    Decorating the walls of the "Desert" technique, оn the ceiling decorative paint with the effect of unique glow.

  • IMG_20150822_101323_1500x2000

    Kiev, apartment, bathroom

    Decorating under a stone of marble with diagonal veins.

  • Imitation of concrete

    Imitation of concrete

    Relief decorative plaster.

  • Restaurant Villa Riviera, Kiev

    Restaurant Villa Riviera, Kiev

    Decorating walls with decorative paint TM "Ferrara Paint" Ferrara base "S". Imitate velvet on the walls.