Decorative paints and plaster

Stucco molding

Stucco molding is an important element in the decoration of the premises. Using this sculptural decoration in the design of interiors or facades, you will add to your home a unique and unique face, refined and individual stylistic direction.

To install the stucco moldings, you need to choose the decor, based on your preferences, and when choosing the size - you will get help from a specialist from the team of our professionals. On sale there is a wide choice of stucco moldings from polyurethane, polystyrene and gypsum.


Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are a standard of beauty and quality. Stretch ceilings are a PVC film that is tightly stretched on a frame and equipped with lighting devices of various types. Elastic coatings make it possible to create both absolutely flat surfaces and build complex ceiling structures.

We have a large selection of types of elastic fabric: matte, glossy (creates a mirror image on the surface, with which you can visually increase the room several times), satin (creates a fabric effect) and nacre (lit from the inside, coming out from the depth of the canvas).



Modern frescoes are decorative widescreen panels with a digital image that accurately convey the technique and way of writing the artist, they have different shapes and sizes. Frescoes are an excellent tool for decorating the interior which will make your home a special, unusual and incredibly cozy.

A combination of modern technology combined with classic traditions makes it possible to produce high-quality, environmentally friendly frescos at an affordable price.


When decorating your interior, we use only the best tools from a reliable Boldrini manufacturer.

To create decorative effects we will need: a mitten, a tampon with a cloth (square and round stamps), a tampon (natural sea sponge), synthetic sponges, napkins, comb (create linear effects).

For decorating the walls we use: facade rollers, shaped rolls (structural), various brushes, several types of trowel, various spatulas (decorative, general, multifunctional and facade materials, gears and trowels), graters, and general construction tools and consumables .

When installing the stucco moldings we will need: mounting glue, gluing adhesive, wet room adhesive (bathroom, shower), polyurethane adhesive for facade (for outdoor work), and universal glue (liquid nails).

To install a stretch ceiling we use: laser tape measure (range finder), thermal gas generator, gas cylinder, set of mounting spatulas (short, long, angular), scissors large, household hairdryer, waterpas, ''Ballerina'' for cutting rings and round holes in plastic, knife and file (round large and rectangular shallow).

When manufacturing frescoes we will need: primers, impregnations, decorative plasters and paints, putties, dyes and pigments, toners, enamels, protective varnish and special materials..

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